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About Kieran

Lets face it,

you’ve read a hundred of these before.

Is this one worth the read? The answer to that is perplexingly simple but comes in the form of yet another question, “Do you or do you not want your investment property properly managed by passionate professionals where you are more than just another number?”

If the answer is NO, “congratulations” you just wasted a minute of your life. If however your answer is yes, “congratulations” again, you just spent two minutes of your life making a decision that will benefit you for years to come.

We are a boutique property management agency based in Teneriffe QLD with a very simple mission statement; To give you nothing but the best. We offer the most comprehensive property management service without even a a shred of compromise in integrity, honesty and results.

Taken the bait?

Obviously you’re no fish, so here are a few words from someone who has used our services – to reel you in.

“Odyssey Property Concierge have provided a professional, efficient and all-round great service since I transferred my investment property management over to them. Kieran has been so helpful and is always readily available for queries and has assisted in organising everything promptly and without any complications.

I would definitely recommend Odyssey Property Concierge services for a stress-free experience delivered by individuals who work hard to provide the best experience for their clients at all times!” – J. Chawla M.D. MRCPC

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