The kids can walk themselves to Padua College! That first thought is immediately followed up with a second – How quickly can I fill out the application form?
This impressive structure in front of you definitely has a presence and yet you seem more in awe than intimidated. As you ring the doorbell waiting for the agent, you admire the classic 1930s like design and feel of the house. The beautiful triple gable Queenslander located on a 556 block, boasted of nothing but class.

Now, you were no design expert, but the fact that a novice like you could notice the subtle hints of finesse, meant that this place was gorgeous.

Eventually, a dozen bell rings, a few dozen knocks and the occasional
shout out later, you let yourself in. Thankful for the time to submit your application, you see the agent already showing the house to some people inside, you zip for the group of people hoping no one notices you and join the tour.

The entire house was fitted with pine floor boards and stunning VJ walls and high ceilings. The kitchen was a work of art blending 1930s charm with 2019 class; Stone benches, white glossy tiles and a gas cooktop. Time moved so quickly and the tour was moved on to look at the three bedrooms. Big enough for kings and a sleep out which could easily be converted into a study or potential fourth bedroom.

The agent leads you outside past the powder room and down the stairs. You cant even fathom the possibilities for the backyard, you could host the neighbourhood soccer match and the ball would never cross the fence. The tour ends. On your way back through the house, you notice the sheer size of the living area, something you missed as you dashed to join the tour.
On the drive home, your day dreams of setting up your new home before the new school term are interrupted by your phone buzzing. You recognise the voice instantly

Congratulations, your application has been approved!

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